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Since 1993, Matson Custom Homes has quality constructed over 160 new home builds in the Stoughton area. Some of those projects are even for returning clients, who chose us to build them a new residence for a second or even third time. Our 26+ year experience in the residential construction field is our biggest asset in delivering quality constructed homes to our clients. Our carefully selected team works closely together and communicate regularly, which we know is the key to a high quality finished product.  


We invite you to ask any of our current or former clients if they are satisfied with the level of service and quality of build they received from Matson Custom Homes. We would be happy to provide you with a portfolio of our extensive list of past projects, which includes a wide variety of jobs from basement finishes, to new homes, to more complicated projects, such as complete demolitions and rebuilds. 

We are here to take over the responsibilities of navigating and overseeing the process of drawing plans, engineering, surveying, collecting bids, building a construction team and then implementing those plans in an efficient manner. Ultimately leaving our clients with a top quality new home or construction project.  


Dane County's diverse landscape has offered us some interesting, unique and sometimes challenging obstacles to overcome for some build sites or lots. We are specialists in navigating the extra requirements for dealing with country lots and splits, lots in close proximity to shore land, large projects that disturb more than 1 acre of land, long or challenging utility connections, etc.


While other contractors choose the low bidder, our team is consistently made up of the best sub contractors in the business. We instruct our team to treat every project as if it were their own home. 

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